Architectural Request


Your Governing Documents require written approval of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for ANY exterior alteration or addition to property within your Association prior to installation. Please complete this form and provide all required documentation for the proposed alteration to the review committee. Many communities have height, material, set back, utility, access, or easement requirements. In which case, a detailed survey site plan (plat plan) showing the location of the proposed improvement must accompany your submission. If you have any questions regarding the process please email

For a quick guide to ensure smooth processing of your request, view our article on, "The Art of the Architectural Request" here. Please note incomplete requests will be returned with the specific information needed to resubmit and will cause delays in approving your request.    

Please provide a detailed description of the proposed changes below. You will also need to include a survey site plan indicating the exact location of the improvements. Photo examples of what the finished product is to look like are also very helpful in facilitating your request in a timely manner.

***If you recently purchased your home (within the last thirty days), please note that we cannot process an architectural request for you until we have received your closing documents and monies as you are not in our system. Once, we receive that information your account will be set up and you will receive a welcome letter. Your account number will be on the welcome letter and at that time you can submit your request. Premature requests will be rejected.***

NOTE: Depending on your web browser, the form may take a moment to load. Internet Explorer is no longer a supported web browser. Please use Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox for the form to load correctly.  If you are a McKinney Meadows Homeowner, please access your Community-specific Architectural Request form here